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TINNITUS AWARENESS WEEK – You are not alone!


This Week is Tinnitus week, and we at Stourbridge Hearing Centre are here to help you with you any questions you may have regarding Tinnitus. Please call in and talk with our qualified audiologist Ansa who can offer you free advice and help on dealing with this condition.


There are several ways of learning to cope with Tinnitus. A hearing aid can sometimes help by reducing the constant background noise that a lot of people complain of. Sound therapy is another way of coping with Tinnitus, this can be obtained by use of a CD, a ticking clock or whirring of a fan in the background. Relaxation is often recommended to help yourself reduce the loudness of your tinnitus. There are over 80 Tinnitus awareness groups around the country that we can put you in touch with.  These groups can put you in touch with other sufferers so you can share your experience with others and see what people are doing to manage their tinnitus.  Call us on 01384 476 206 for more information.

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