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Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming more popular.  Many premium hearing aid suppliers have introduced rechargeable hearing aid systems.   People are more confident in their choices when purchasing a hearing aid and are willing to try new, advanced technology.

Rechargeable hearing aids are safer to use as the fact that the battery is sealed inside the casing means that there is protection from mishandling and accidental damage.  However, please note that sealing in the battery means it cannot be replaced by the user and will have to be returned and swapped out by the manufacturer if there is a problem.  You no longer have to worry about the expense of disposable hearing aid batteries, nor worry about changing batteries.  You will receive 24 hours of continuous use with up to 5 hours of streaming as technology has now reached one charge per day standard.  It’s so easy to charge your lithium ion hearing aid too – simply drop it into your charger and wait!


It should be considered that whilst when used correctly and safely Lithium-ion is of use, Lithium is a poison and a hazard to small children and pets should they swallow batteries.  There is the potential for lithium to catch fire if the batteries are damaged badly enough.  Therefore clients should always be mindful of health and safety issues with these products.

We have clients who have been fitted with rechargeable hearing aids and they find it very easy to re-charge their hearing aids overnight instead of carrying the batteries in their pockets. Clients who have numbness in their fingers and finger movement are limited they will no longer have to rely on other people to change the batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids give a person the confidence of being independent.

Here at Stourbridge Hearing Centre in High Street, Stourbridge, our qualified and experienced Audiologist, Ansa , can offer you a free hearing test and then advice and support on the most appropriate and best rechargeable hearing aid for you should you decide you would like to try one out.  There is no obligation to buy and we now have easier payment options to spread the cost for you over 12 or 24 months.  We offer low deposits and a pair of the latest digital technology rechargeable hearing aids now cost from as little as £19.24 a week!  Please telephone Stourbridge Hearing Centre on 01384 476 306 for details or visit our website at


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