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Starkey Muse IQ i2000

Launched: March 2018

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The Starkey Muse IQ i2000 is the most advanced hearing technology currently available from Starkey, delivering supreme, excellent sound quality which allows the individual to become immersed in their changing environments and to enjoy keeping connected to the things and people that they love.  Improved quality of hearing leads to an improved quality of life and can give people their self-confidence and self-esteem back again as they are more able to join in with the people and activities around them.  These hearing aids are designed to restore the natural benefits provided by the ear so that they vastly improve speech audibility in varied difficult listening situations; this leads to your hearing being easier and therefore much less stressful.

Starkey’s excellent feedback cancellation system ensures that irritating, unwanted noise is eliminated, leaving you to enjoy and experience distortion-free listening with clarity for those softer and more subtle sounds which are so important for you to hear, for example, as within conversation and in music too, where you can now hear every note clearly and as it was intended to be heard.

The Starkey Muse IQ i2000 is a personalised hearing solution which can provide a natural hearing experience and easy transitions as you carry on with your day.  It is able to provide peace and quiet for you whilst still amplifying important, relevant information, allowing you to hear more comfortably.


The Starkey Muse IQ i2000 allows you to stream television, phone calls, your music and much more directly to your hearing aids, giving you choice and flexibility, always of course with exceptional audio and listening clarity.  They are available with a convenient all-in-one charger which holds enough charge to give portable charging so that you do not have to stop your day to plug into a wall socket.  This convenient rechargeable option will deliver continuous and stable power to ensure that you can always use your hearing aids.  They are discreet too, being the smallest rechargeable hearing aid available today.  The special surface NanoShield which is a pioneering water, wax and moisture repellant system works brilliantly to protect the hearing aids and ensure dependability and durability.


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