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Starkey Halo IQ i2400

Launched: March 2018

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Halo IQ i2400 Hearing Aids Overview

Starkey Halo IQ is the latest hearing aid technology introduced by Starkey in March 2018.  Advance features such as noise reduction and directional microphones have been introduced to help the hearing aid user hear the sound more natural in the complex background noise.


Key features that Halo IQ delivers

Comfortable hearing in the noisy environments – Acuity Immersion Directionality is the latest feature introduced within the hearing aid. This helps the hearing aid user to restore natural benefits provided by the ear and speech audibility in the background noise.

Great phone conversations –  answering the phone has never been easier. Hearing telephone conversations with hearing loss can be very challenging.  With Halo IQ you can directly stream the phone calls from your iPhone to your hearing aids. The hearing aids have a built-in microphone, therefore you don’t even need to hold the phone next to your ear while having a conversation; this facility is available with Apple devices only.

Customisable Tinnitus relief – Although there is currently no cure for tinnitus, Halo IQ have an Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology which offers relief from the impact tinnitus can have on a person’s life.  Your tinnitus can be managed better via the TruLink app which offers a variety of sounds that can be personalized according to the pitch of your tinnitus.


TruLink Remote control for the Halo IQ hearing aids

Not everybody has a smartphone, therefore Starkey Trulink remote has been introduced so you can still control the volume of the hearing aids. with this smart remote control, you can still switch between the programs and mute your hearing aids when needed. it also has special features such as on and off button as well as adjusting each hearing aid separately.

Starkey Halo has been introduced in 3 technology Levels. You can make a decision according to your hearing aids and of course the budget.

Starkey Halo IQ i2400 – Premium

Starkey Halo IQ i2000 – Advanced

Starkey Halo IQ i1600 – Select

There are a lot of features that Starkey Halo IQ hearing aids offer. Please check the Halo IQ Broucher for detailed information.


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