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Starkey Halo IQ i2000

Launched: March 2018

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Starkey Halo IQ i200 is the very latest in smartphone compatible hearing aids.  It is a multifunctional hearing aid which offers a wide range of features.  It has advanced noise reduction technology which is perfect for complex listening environments.  These hearing aids have acuity immersion directionality which works to improve speech audibility in different listening situations; this makes the sound of speech much more natural.  Starkey Halo IQ delivers advanced ‘phone communication, meaning that you can directly stream your ‘phone calls from your iPhone to your hearing aids, amplifying the important things you wish to hear whilst significantly reducing unwanted background noise, therefore enabling you to have clear and comfortable conversations.

You can relax and really enjoy your music, television, ‘phone calls, videos and much more again as the clear, crisp sound is streamed directly into your ears with no annoying and distracting background noise such as whistling or buzzing.  These hearing aid solutions give you natural hearing and transitions as you mobilise throughout your day.  In addition, Starkey’s newest accessory, the Trulink Halo Remote Control, means that you are in control of your hearing aids’ memory, volume, mute facility and can even turn special features on and off as you wish.  The Starkey Halo IQ i200 offers supreme sound quality and clarity, meeting each individual’s unique hearing needs and keeping them connected and involved with each changing environment.

The Starkey Halo IQ is available with the smartest rechargeable solution with the longest lasting charge, giving you over thirty hours of uninterrupted hearing.  This is an all-in-one charger which is fully portable so there is no need to plug in and wait for re-charge.  Instead, you have continuous, stable power as your hearing aids are always ready for use.  They are discreet too, being thirty per cent smaller than standard size hearing aids.  You will find that the Starkey Halo IQ are dependable, long-lasting hearing aids with special water, wax and moisture repellant system which works to protect and ensure their durability.


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