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Phonak Audeo Marvel

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The Phonak Audeo Marvel is a multifunctional, first class hearing aid system combined with the latest modern technology.  It gives a clear and rich sound experience, allowing the individual better speech understanding in noise, over distance and enables reduced listening effort which is much less stressful.  With its excellent streaming sound quality, it effortlessly connects to television and stereo systems, smartphones, ios and Android and can be used as wireless stereo headphones.  The Phonak Audeo Marvel also provides a long streaming time due to its AIRSTREAM technology; its battery will last for six years, therefore there is no more hassle using disposable batteries.

Marvel Hearing Aids give excellent performance quality in everyday life as they can distinguish between streamed speech and music signals.  They are adjustable too, giving optimized sound quality.   The battery provides extremely fast charging, giving you a full day of uninterrupted hearing.  The Phonak Audeo M-R provides several charging options.  There is the Phonak Charger Case Combi which contains a drying kit, charger and a protective hard case all in one; it includes a handy cleaning tool.  Also, for convenient charging of rechargeable hearing aids when mobile, there is the Phonak Power Pack available, which is easily attached to the bottom of the Phonak Charger Case Combi.  Lastly, but by no means least, is the Phonak Mini Charger Case, which is an attractive, compact charger for two Audeo M-R or Audeo M-RT hearing aids; this has a standard USB-C charging outlet.


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