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Micro suction Wax Removal

Safe, clean, and effective way of removing unwanted wax

Micro suction ear wax removal from £40 for one ear and £60 for both. FREE hearing test available if required.

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Micro suction wax removal is a simple and pain free method to remove the unwanted wax that is affecting your hearing quality. Our qualified Audiologist will examine your ears to check for the blockage with a binaural microscope. The wax is then removed with a verified low-pressure suction device. The condition of the ears is shown with the video otoscope before and after the treatment.             


You can book an appointment at our store
Or book us to come to the comfort of your home
  • One Ear - £40
  • Both Ears - £60
  • Home Visits: Additional £15
  • We Cover a 40 mile Radius

Discount vouchers available in local papers and instore.

Same day walk-in appointments available.

Micro suction procedure is performed by our fully qualified and experienced Audiologists at approved Audiology clinics in our fully functional micro suction clinic.

Benefits of Micro suction:

Procedure is performed dry – no water involved

No risk of ear infections

Safe for perforated eardrums

Removes foreign objects that might be lodged in the ear canal

No risk of vertigo

Oil treatment not always necessary

wax removal

Micro suction is a much safer method compared to ear irrigation.

Microsuction is a method of ear wax removal which is not only safe and comfortable but also pain-free and effective. This technique works by using a binocular microscope that gives a clear view of the ear canal and a low-pressure microsuction device that carefully removes your ear wax. Ear syringing or irrigation differs from microsuction and instead of applying a gentle pressure, uses a high-pressure jet of water to flush out the wax.

This makes microsuction a better option that irrigation as it doesn’t have such damaging effects. Some of the negative effects from irrigation include eardrum perforations as well as external ear infections i.e. Otitis externa and mid-ear infections i.e. Otitis media. Research from Sharp et al, BMJ, Dec 1990, v301, 1251, found that 15% of cases suffered eardrum perforation and 17% of cases encountered Otitis media and external. This makes microsuction the safest method of ear wax removal.

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