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Buying HEARING AIDS Online VS Hearing Centres?

Buying HEARING AIDS Online VS Hearing Centres?  

 With today’s internet shopping ease, it is very confusing for the consumer as to which service is best for them. However, when it comes to buying hearing aids please don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheap device from the online stores. These can prove more costly in the long run.

Hearing aids bought online are cheaper but there is a lack of personal follow up care. After enquiring online your details will be passed on to an Audiologist that could be out of your area.  They often work in Opticians or big stores on the High Street. These may only operate 1 day a week or you may have to wait until there are enough enquiries to make it worth the audiologists’ time to hold a clinic.

After seeing the Audiologist for the first time there is a lack of continuity in seeing the same audiologist again for follow up care if the need arises. Any repairs you may need or any emergencies will incur an extra charge. The service quality can be distinctly poor and you can often have a long wait to be seen. If the company goes bust you will lose any help that may or may not have been offered in the first place.

According to ‘WHICH’ Magazine the best audiologists are the Independent ones. This is measured against the High Street Stores such as; Boots hearing care, Specsavers hearing centres, Hidden hearing, Amplifon and Scrivens.

2018 Survey, excerpt of results


2016 Results


Independent Audiologists always provide a good service quality and you will always see the same medically trained Audiologist each time you visit. This means that your hearing history is always known and a more personal service is given to each individual.

There is a free follow up service with access to an Audiologist and our repairs are reasonably priced if the hearing aid is out of guarantee.

Here at Stourbridge Hearing Centre, we are completely independent and we offer a range of Hearing Aids from a wide range of manufacturers.

Our hearing checks and ear examinations are free of charge.

After your hearing check our Audiologist will discuss the different types of hearing aids that are available specifically to suit your lifestyle. We offer free aftercare and follow up services which can give you peace of mind knowing that we are locally based and you can call in any time should the need arise.

We also specialise in Micro suction Wax removal. This is the safest method of removing unwanted ear wax. It also means you don’t have to wait for an appointment at the GP’s surgery which can weeks of waiting for. In many areas, wax removal is not offered or it is done by ear syringing which is not the nicest way to have it removed.

We offer re-tuning of your hearing aids when they require it so your hearing aid is always up-to-date with your latest hearing prescription.

We offer payment plans on all brands of hearing aids which helps spread the cost over 1 to 2 years.


0% APR – Interest-free credit available

Spread your payments over 12 or 24 months

Low deposits – from as little as £20!

A pair of the latest – digital technology, invisible hearing aid solutions from as little as £19.24 a week!


You can also increase the deposit if you wish which means reduced monthly payments.

Our receptionists and medically trained Audiologist are friendly and always available to help you with any enquiries. There is no quick turn over of staff which means you get to know us and we get to know you personally.




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